Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM)

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Let's start with the basics

EDDM is a cost-effective bulk mailing option that allows you to target entire neighbourhoods of people without requiring a mailing list. The service allows you to send mail to an entire carrier-route at less that half the price of conventional mail.

Precision Solutions allows anyone to take advantage of the huge discounts provided by EDDM. Our bulk mailing capabilities allow us to send EDDM mailing at a lower price that with USPS direct. We’ve worked with everyone from churches, restaurants, and dentists to moving companies, plumbers, and realtors.

No! Precision Solutions has a bulk mailing permit that allows you to access the lowest prices. Other companies send your mail through EDDM Retail, charging you more money for a less effective service.

Not at all. The price we quote you is all inclusive. Design, print, mailing, postage. If you want to take care of part of the process yourself, just let us know. Either way, once you have accepted our quote, there are no additional charges for EDDM.

Peace of Mind With the United States Postal Service

How we help you benefit from EDDM


We use the latest technology, industry studies, and an expert team of designers to make sure every mailpiece achieves its potential.


We are South Florida’s only 360 marketing company with a dedicated print & mail facility. Let us print your EDDM compliant mailpieces, avoiding costly 3rd party printers and unnecessary logistics.


Most mailers don’t understand marketing strategy. Our experienced team draws experience from Fortune 100 companies and multi-million dollar campaigns to help your small business succeed.


Whether EDDM®, marketing mail, or transactional mail, our dedicated direct mail team & facility are ready to give you concierge-level service with 24hr turnaround mailing.

79% of consumers will act immediately on a piece of direct mail

Who is Every Door Direct Mail® a good fit for?

Restaurants & Hospitality

Want to tell your entire neighbourhood about a new menu or a special offer? What a great way to do it with EDDM® by Precision Solutions.

Political Campaigns

Let’s promote your campaign to every one of your potential voters at less than half of the conventional cost. EDDM® is a great fit for politicans.

Charities & Non-Profits

We’ve helped many non-profits utilize Every Door Direct Mail®. From churches running a donation drive in their local areas to nationwide appeals, we’ve helped non-profits get more support, more donations, and more results.

Your Small Business

Whether you are one of our typical clients or a new challenge, nothing is out of reach for our award-winning team. We’d love to chat about how we can help you.

Lets make a statement together with
Every Door Direct Mail®

Precision Solutions is a full service marketing consultancy firm by Elliot Padfield. Based on relationships, strategy, and long-term growth, Precision Solutions has helped hundreds of brands achieve their potential. The firm provides solutions suitable from small businesses, personal brands, and large companies.