International Mail

South Florida's only mailer with direct links to over 100 international logistics partners.

Let's start with the basics

Any mail, parcels, or freight sent across international borders is international mail.

International mail requirements and rights are governed by the Treaty of Bern. It is important to use a specialist logistics partner for international mail.

While different countries impose certain restrictions, we are able to mail to all 195 countries including:

  • North Korea / DPRK
  • Iran
  • Syria
  • Sudan
  • Palestine

Direct access to ocean, air, rail, and road freight partners means that we are able to mail everything from letters and parcels to freight and dangerous goods. Get in touch to learn how we can help you.

We are able to directly access the mailstream of USPS, FEDEX, and UPS. As well as this, we have direct partnerships with ocean, air, rail, and road couriers across the world, allowing us to reach further, mail quicker, and send cheaper.

Shipping freight internationally can be incredibly complex and expensive. We are able to ship freight anywhere in the world at industry-leading prices. If you are shipping palletized, non-palletized, or out-of-gauge freight, we recommend consulting our freight expert to understand the process in more detail.

Delivering to >190 countries


Our rigorous security standards and experienced teams are trusted by government agencies and multi-billion dollar companies.

International mail brings its challenges, so choosing a mailer with a perfect track record makes sense.


Don’t accept lower standards of deliverability for your international shipping.

Our enhanced tracking procedures ensure your recipient receives their mail, every time.


Thanks to our direct connections with logistics partners across the world, we are able to deliver to place unreachable by other mailhouses, while preserving time and money.

Customs & Legal Requirements

We are experienced in completing the necessary formalities for imports and exports in every corner of the world.

Precision never let us down.  It’s almost painful to leave a review, they’re our company’s best kept secret.

- Client (2019-Current)

Who can we help?

Standard Size Mail

Whether a small quantity or a bulk mailings, we can prepare your mailing to ensure it reaches its destination, at a lower price that USPS.


If you have one parcel, or a regular requirement, we will process and prepare your mailing to every corner of the world.


Our direct connections to worldwide logistics partners allow you to access palletized, non-palletized, and out-of-gauge freight options. We are able to organize shipping to the countries other companies can’t.

Complex Logistics

Sending dangerous goods? Sending to North Korea? Need to ship faster than it seems possible? Let our expert team handcraft solutions to your complex problems

Great organizations deserve a great logistics partner. Let's talk.

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