If you haven’t already seen the many articles from Entrepreneur, WSJ, and EnGadget, LinkedIn Stories is now being rolled out. For users, of Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, or any other modern social media platform, you know what we’re talking about here.

The appearance of stories on LinkedIn

The Basics

In case you missed the news –

Does this represent a wider change in business?

I’ve seen plenty of comments from people claiming that LinkedIn Stories as a feature are ‘unprofessional’ and doesn’t make sense with LinkedIn’s objectives. This couldn’t be further from the truth. LinkedIn’s own press release covers this well. In the modern age, our professional lives are made up of so much more than a resume.

The huge growth in the use of the LinkedIn feed has shown that people want to share their thoughts and develop authority within their field. LinkedIn, like every other social media platform, is beginning to go through an authenticity crisis. As more and more people turn to LinkedIn as a social media platform, a spike in users trying to monetize their LinkedIn influence is present.

You would expect that our careers or businesses would be the ‘monetization strategy’ of organic LinkedIn content, but nevertheless our feeds are still filled with sales pitches and free webinars.

The stories feature is likely designed to increase the authenticity of our communications and bring us closer to each other.

Ideas for Using LinkedIn Stories

If you want to make the most of this feature while it’s new but don’t have any ideas, let me help you –

If you have your own suggestions of how to use LinkedIn Stories, or have questions on how to take advantage of them, leave a comment and I’ll send you a response. While you’re here, why not reach out today and see how Precision Solutions can help you grow your business with LinkedIn.

~ Elliot

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