Mailpiece Printing

Let South Florida's premier direct marketing company help you achieve your goals.

Let's start with the basics

Direct mail is a type of direct marketing that is printed and delivered to a target audience by the Unites States Postal Service or another carrier. In a world of digital, it grabs your audience’s attention.

Precision Solutions allows anyone to take advantage of the huge impacts of direct mail. Our bulk mailing capabilities allow us to send mailings at hugely dicounted rates. We’ve worked with everyone from churches, restaurants, and dentists to realtors, yacht manufacturers, and recruitment companies.

Direct mailing can have a huge impact on your business and allows you to target your ideal customer with high-impact marketing.

If you’re not sure whether print marketing should become part of your marketing mix, get in touch and we will share the wide range of print, digital, and traditional marketing tools we offer.

Not at all. A great marketing strategy will contain a variety of marketing strategies. Working with a 360 marketing agency like Precision Solutions allows you to have the same brains behind all the elements of your marketing mix, making sure your strategy is cohesive.

In addition, there are a number of new initiatives that allow us to directly tie physical mail into digital marketing.

Not at all. The price we quote you is all inclusive. Design, print, mailing, postage. If you want to take care of part of the process yourself, just let us know. Either way, once you have accepted our quote, there are no additional charges for our direct mail.



Our postcards can be printed up to 12x18in. With a variety of thick, durable cardstocks and coatings available, we can print amazing looking postcards, perfect for your budget.


Flyers are an effective, versatile, and affordable tool that can be used to inform, convince, or sell. Whether inserted into our custom-printed envelopes or used as a self mailer, our flyers can be folded in over 7 ways for the perfect impact.


Our booklets can be used for everything from sales brochures to training materials to charity update booklets. We offer a wide variety of binding and finishing options to make your vision a reality.

Personalized Mail

Sometimes your marketing mail needs custom fields. Want to insert a personal insurance quote or integrate customer data? Normally you will pay separately for the basic printing and the personalization. Our industry-leading technology allows us to do this in one pass, saving you money.

Direct mail marketing garners a 37% higher response rate than email

Why print with Precision Solutions?


When other printers require 7 days to print your order, we can print in less than half the time.

Our PrecisionPrint™ technology allows us to immediately start printing your ordder.

No Complex Logistics

Using a printer elsewhere requires you to ship your mailpieces to us for processing. This adds another element of delay and cost. 360 Marketing by Precision Solutions keeps this process in-house.


When every cent counts, Precision is here to help you maximize your return on investment. Our competitively-priced printing services are vital in helping your achieve your goals.

Mailing Compliance

We’re one of the only printers in the country to employee mailpiece design experts to ensure that your mailer will be accepted into the mailstream. This means your campaign will be problem-free from day one, saving you from a very costly mistake.

Lets make a statement together with direct mail

Precision Solutions is a full service marketing consultancy firm by Elliot Padfield. Based on relationships, strategy, and long-term growth, Precision Solutions has helped hundreds of brands achieve their potential. The firm provides solutions suitable from small businesses, personal brands, and large companies.