Online Reputation Management

Let our Fort Lauderdale brand & marketing experts help you with your online reputation.

Let's start with the basics

Online reputation management (ORM) is the constant monitoring of mentions of your business online. It includes search results, reviews, and much more. We help to build your brand over time while protecting against attacks or impersonation.

  • Brand Monitoring
    • Our proprietary system scan every part of the internet multiple times an hour to discover new reviews, mentions, or complaints.
  • Reputation Building
    • We encourage your customers to leave great reviews and claim your social profiles to ensure you control your online image.
  • Crisis Response
    • Sometimes an angry customer leaves a bad review or a competitor hires an army of bots to leave 1 star reviews. The manual processes to remove these often takes weeks. We are able to have them removed in minutes.

80% of consumers search for the reviews of a business before working with them. What those reviews say can affect your revenue. A Harvard report shows every ‘star’ less your business have, you lose up to 10% of revenue.

Online reputation management is like investing in a great security system for your home or office.

Meet our ORM Services

Reputation Building

Long-term preventative planning should be the focus of every business. Our techniques encourage online brand awareness and increase the percentage of satisfied clients that leave online reviews. This strengthens your brand and protects against competitor attacks.

Crisis Services

When your customers leave unjust bad reviews, or your competitors send an army of bots to damage your brand, you need to act quickly. Precision Solution’s crisis services can help remove negative reviews in minutes rather than days and revert fake edits to your online profiles for good.

Complaint Management

We all make mistakes and sometimes customers wish to share their negative experiences online. Quick responses help to solve client problems and decrease the impact on future prospects. 

Profile Claiming

In the digital world, information is power. Having unclaimed profiles on directories and social media sites leaves you unaware of potential bad reviews and makes you vulnerable to impersonation. ORM by Precision claims 400+ profiles.

Brand Turnaround

If your business has a bad reputation and you want that to change, you need to partner with the best experts. With experience in ORM, media placement, and brand recovery, we can help you create a great name for your business.

A difference of one ‘star’ in an online rating generates a 5-9% difference in revenue.

Who can we help with brand reputation services?

Small Businesses

Reputation can make or break a small business and inaction is a dangerous choice. Partnering with the team at Precision gives you the greatest chance of digital success.


Digital reputation is the most common cause for a reduction in revenue for e-commerce stores. 91% of your customers check your reviews before purchasing from you. Make sure those reviews tell the right stories.

Personal Brands

Personal brands are particularly susceptible to digital attacks. Numerous coaches, social media influencer, and online educators have had careers destroyed by online threats. Let us ensure every search result gives the best impression of you.


We have successfully run marketing campaigns for the world’s largest luxury brands, recruitment companies, and direct sales companies. We’re equipped to handle enterprise demand with concierge-level service.

Ready to succeed together?

Precision Solutions is a full service marketing consultancy firm by Elliot Padfield. Based on relationships, strategy, and long-term growth, Precision Solutions has helped hundreds of brands achieve their potential. The firm provides solutions suitable from small businesses, personal brands, and large companies.