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You’re a real estate agent looking to scale your business or a developer searching for marketing with a difference. We’re a team of award-winning brand & marketing specialists unlike any other.

Just like you, we believe that sending extra postcards every week or tweaking your Facebook ads aren’t the best ways to grow your business.

We know that great marketing needs great strategy. We’re your very own in-house marketing department, able to plan and implement everything from social media management to international TV commercials.

Our service is simple – Let us work with you to develop a strategy for your marketing and implement it without a fuss. You’ll have a relationship manager that understands you and a team of expert strategists, marketers, and advisors behind you, every step of the way. That’s our promise.

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Elliot Padfield

President, Precision Solutions

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Contact our real estate specialist, Elliot Padfield, to learn more about how Precision Solutions can transform your business and brand.



The Precision Difference

Dedicated Relationship Manager

You'll have limitless access to a specialist real estate marketer. They'll work with you to build a strategy and work with our internal teams to achieve your goals.

Limitless Opportunities

Our promise is to deliver consistent and complete marketing that scales with your business. We can handle everything from SEO to TV cinematography with the same confidence & flair.

Strategic & Proactive

We think long term and build recognized and respected brands in the process. We don't just react to marketing trends but set them.



Personal Branding

We build personal brands that rival those of major corporations. If you've ever wanted to be featured in major publications, be paid to give presentations, or simply have a constant flow of leads, we're the right people for the job.

quality driven lead generation

We don't just generate more leads than other agencies, our clients also tap into higher-quality leads with tremendous lifetime value. If you're struggling to generate leads or find that most prospects are unqualified, it's time to make a change.

zero-friction marketing

Gone are the days of searching for a new agency for every campaign. You don't need to struggle to explain your ideas to a marketing agency either. We work with you, as consultants and marketers, to scale your business so that you can focus on your clients.

Personal brand on stage at conference

Are you ready to discover the value of strategic marketing?

It’s time your brand got the treatment it deserves. We’re in the business of generating tremendous growth so if you’re serious about your brand and desire the best marketers in the industry, schedule a call or reach out to our team of experts today.

Precision Solutions is a full service marketing consultancy firm by Elliot Padfield. Based on relationships, strategy, and long-term growth, Precision Solutions has helped hundreds of brands achieve their potential. The firm provides solutions suitable from small businesses, personal brands, and large companies.